Rated 2 out of 5 stars

Extremely inconsistent behavior. If I select 20 emails that are all nearly identical (monthly reports with one attachment each, in my sent box), and then use this Add-On to "delete" them, it will make duplicates of MOST of them with the attachments deleted. So, I have to go back and figure out which were duplicated and find and delete the ones that still have attachments. Sometimes, I can select 5 emails and it will delete all 5 attachments no problem. Other times, I select any number of emails and it simply does not delete the attachments even though it says it did.

This is on TB 115.6.0 , using an imap gmail account.

I hope this can be fixed because it could potentially be a huge time (and space) saver. It seems to work perfectly when it works at all. The inconsistency is puzzling though and makes it not very helpful.