Message Composition



Adds easy custom emojis to Thunderbird.

NOTE: you need to add the emojis yourself in the extension settings

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Added July 6, 2024


BestReply is an add-on that aims to improve users’ experience by providing quick services to the user such as summarization of emails, response generations, as well as a smart chat with our AI model based on the email they are reading.

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Added June 28, 2024

Identity Selector

Always select the right identity with Identity Selector!

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Added June 13, 2024

Reply All Button

Add a "Reply All" button which never behaves like "Reply List". Intended to replace the Smart Reply button to avoid accidentally performing Reply List behavior.

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Added June 1, 2024

Lex-ON Conecta

Conecta tu correo con Lex-ON.

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Added May 23, 2024


Supplementary compose menus to reply to a message by including its original attachments and to create a new email to the recipients of an existing message.

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Added May 11, 2024

AI Grammar

Helps you write emails with the Llama3 LLM (offline). Corrects grammar mistakes in your draft email.

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Added April 28, 2024

ThunderAI (ChatGPT in your emails!)

ThunderAI uses the capabilities of ChatGPT to enhance email management.
It enables users to analyze, write, correct, and optimize their emails.
There is no need for an API key and is possibile to use this extension even with a free account!

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Added April 5, 2024

One-Click Forward

Forward emails directly through a dropdown of predefined recipients.

Configure recipients in settings. Use the message toolbar button "Quick Forward" to open a dropdown with your recipients and forward directly, or hold Shift to edit first.

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Added Nov. 8, 2023

Paste code

Thunderbird addon creating a context menu option that pastes code beautifully in HTML messages

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Added Oct. 4, 2023

Freecosys - FileLink provider

Turns your huge files into short links

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Added Sept. 21, 2023

Send Later Button

The Send Later Button extension enhances Thunderbird by enabling 'Send Later' even in online mode. It supports many Languages, ensuring a seamless user experience.


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Added Aug. 13, 2023

HTML Source Editor

Allows to edit the source of the currently composed message. A simple alternative to ThunderHTMLedit.

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Added July 31, 2023


Displays the contact photo/image/picture of the sender/recipients while reading/composing message.
Images are taken from local image files or Address Book (see addon's options page).

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Added July 31, 2023


Encaminhe múltiplos e-mails de uma só vez.

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Added July 10, 2023

S3 FileLink Provider

Uploads your large attachments to S3

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Added July 2, 2023


Rewrite or generate text based on promps using OpenAI's API.

Configure on settings page (make sure to save) and start to use when writing your emails!

You must have a payment method on record with OpenAI and an API key. OpenAI charge for use.

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Added May 11, 2023

Cypherdog Encryption

Encrypt any file, any text, and share via any medium, any time

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Added Feb. 28, 2023


Modern encryption in Thunderbird - powered by Rust, rage and WebAssembly

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Added Feb. 14, 2023

FDK KIM Plugin

Dieses Plugin setzt automatisch die KIM-Header und den Betreff passend zu ihrem Anhang.

Anhängen werden analysiert und falls genau eine valide p7s Datei erkannt wird, werden die entsprechenden Daten automatisch gesetzt.

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Added Jan. 31, 2023