Exports the results of a search in calendars

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Added May 16, 2024

Thunderbird Email 2 CSV Exporter

This add-on has been thoroughly tested on all platforms up to Thunderbird version 115. It allows you to target specific file folders and tag them for export, generating a CSV-formatted export file. Great for a large number of emails and Mailchimp.

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Added March 28, 2024


Save your attached PDF invoices or archive and store complete invoice e-mails directly to your GetMyInvoices account from Thunderbird

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Added March 14, 2024


An extension that help you to extract the 'from' , 'subject' and 'return path' header parameters of emails that exist in any selected folder or account or just all the accounts on your thunderbird

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Added Feb. 12, 2024

Sendet E-Mails an einen Server

Note: This extension saves messages on a server. Sensitive data may be transmitted. Depending on the type of connection, this data may also be unencrypted.

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Added Jan. 14, 2024


ObsidianClipper is a Thunderbird extension to clip emails to the Obsidian notetaking application. Save an email to Obsidian seamlessly with one click. Customize the format of new note titles and note layout.

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Added Dec. 24, 2023

Extract 'Em! Featured

Extracts attachments from messages within an account or folder, with the option to select specific attachments. Extracted attachments are saved to a .zip file.

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Added Dec. 11, 2023


Allows exporting messages and folders for FindNow

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Added Oct. 13, 2023

ENEX Tools

Add import/export functionality of Evernote export file (enex).
* Load enex file and open message composition window with the note content
* Export messages to enex file which can be loaded by Evernote desktop client

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Added April 1, 2023

GrapeVine for Salesforce

Connects Thunderbird to

- Archive Emails from Thunderbird email accounts into Salesforce, automatically
- Synchronise Salesforce Contacts and Leads into Thunderbird's address book
- Create Contacts/Leads in Salesforce from emails

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Added March 5, 2023

Joplin Export

Export your emails from Thunderbird to Joplin. To use the add-on, a running Joplin application is required (

Please note that this is not an official product of the Joplin team, but rather developed by a private person.

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Added April 7, 2022

Autocopy 78+

Automatically copy any text in an email when the text is selected.

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Added Feb. 25, 2022

Topic Tree / Notebook in TB

* A place to keep notes and ideas
* Notes can be styled with images, tables, links, mindmaps etc.
* Full text search
* Copy and paste text/html
* Drag text/html into tree to create new note
* Backup
* Print notes
* Notes for emails: XNote++

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Added Jan. 18, 2022

Get All Senders

This add-on retrieves all the senders associated with the emails in this mailbox and stores them in your clipboard.
For more information and to report an issue, please visit the project home page at .

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Added Dec. 30, 2021

RT Archive Emails to Sugar & SuiteCRM

Archive Emails from Thunderbird to a Sugar or SuiteCRM record of your choice with RT Archive Email.
You can archive one or more emails, along with their attachments, to a Contact, Lead, Account, Opportunity, or Project.

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Added Oct. 20, 2021

Outlook/Teams Appointments

Get the hidden appointment from an email from outlook/teams as a .ics-file - Icon:

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Added Aug. 13, 2021

Attachment Extractor

Extract attachments from selected e-mails!

1. Select one or more messages
2. Right click and choose Attachment Extractor
3. Select a template for filenames and target folder
4. Done

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Added April 25, 2021


This provider add-on adds Google synchronization capabilities to TbSync. Only contacts and contact groups are currently managed, using Google's People API.

Please read the "About this Add-on" section below carefully!

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Added April 11, 2021

Export to ZIP

Export your mails and folders to a zip file!

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Added Nov. 16, 2020

KundenMeister CRM Mail Export

An mail export add-on from KundenMeister to export the mails from user to KundenMeister portal after authentication.

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Added June 25, 2020