Message and News Reading


GroupMe - Web Tab

This extensions opens a Thunderbird tab for the GroupMe web interface.

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Added July 25, 2024

Mark Subfolders Read

Adds a context option to folders for marking all contents of the selected folder and all subfolders as read.

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17 users
Added June 26, 2024

Mail Extractor

Mail Extractor for Thunderbird quickly extracts and copies email addresses from selected messages. It now also downloads attachments as ZIP files.

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39 users
Added June 26, 2024


Adds a Deselect button to close messages.

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Added June 11, 2024

Open by Message-ID

For any 'mid', 'mailto', 'news', or 'nntp' URI that may contain a Message-ID, this adds menu items to the context menu to attempt to open the message for that ID from the message database, from a news server, or in a web browser.

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Added June 1, 2024

Threaded List Switch

Provides a shortcut to switch threaded message list on or off.

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50 users
Added May 11, 2024


Collect all sender/recipient/... addresses and store in an addressbook

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172 users
Added May 9, 2024

ThunderAI (ChatGPT in your emails!)

ThunderAI uses the capabilities of ChatGPT to enhance email management.
It enables users to analyze, write, correct, and optimize their emails.
There is no need for an API key and is possibile to use this extension even with a free account!

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886 users
Added April 5, 2024


NTFNTF: Notify on This Folder Not That Folder. Choose to enable or disable notifications on a per-folder basis.

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157 users
Added March 6, 2024

Tag Sync for TB

Syncronise/transfer tags, to other TB installations.

POP and some IMAP servers don't store tags (keywords).
This addon helps to have the same emails tagged on all TB installations.
Uses a central database, can be installed on your PC or server.

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97 users
Added Feb. 23, 2024


ObsidianClipper is a Thunderbird extension to clip emails to the Obsidian notetaking application. Save an email to Obsidian seamlessly with one click. Customize the format of new note titles and note layout.

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228 users
Added Dec. 24, 2023


Simplifier la lecture de mails en supprimant l'écriture inclusive

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Added Dec. 20, 2023

Articles Toolbar

Adds the Articles toolbar

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Added Dec. 16, 2023

ThunderSuite - Customize your Quick Access Sidebar

This extension allows user editing of the spaces sidebar.
Create custom spaces from the extension options, to turn the new toolbar introduced with Supernova into your personal quick access toolbox.

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269 users
Added Dec. 6, 2023

Microsoft 365 Link Opener

Open a shared link of a SharePoint or OneDrive file directly with the right app, instead of the browser.

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Added Dec. 2, 2023

Hide Duplicates From 'All Mail'

Hides duplicate emails from the 'All Mail' folder upon clicking on a result from Global Search, so that if one email is in both the 'All Mail' folder (e.g. of Gmail) and another folder (e.g. 'Sent'), it'll only show the email from the other folder.

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Added Nov. 8, 2023

YouTube RSS feed redesign

Adds YouTube thumbnails to RSS feed entries

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Added Nov. 7, 2023

Mark Read on Tab Open

Mark messages as read when you open them in tabs.

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Added Oct. 7, 2023

Close Search Tabs

Add a button to close all search results tabs in Thunderbird

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Added Oct. 6, 2023

Change Link Appearance

Changes the appearance of links when displaying a message

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85 users
Added Sept. 5, 2023