Privacy and Security


Check before sending email

Before sending an e-mail, a pop-up window clearly displays check items such as the destination address, body text, and attached files, prompting the sender to confirm before sending the e-mail.

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Added June 22, 2024

Identity Selector

Always select the right identity with Identity Selector!

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Added June 13, 2024

uBlock Origin

An efficient blocker. Easy on CPU and memory. New and updated filter list added.

Source code:

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Added April 25, 2024

Safelinks Cleanup

Cleans up Outlook’s “safelinks” tracking.

Minimal code to allow for easy auditing of the add-on. The only code is:

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Added Dec. 13, 2023

Clear History Button

Adds a button to launch the Clear History dialog

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Added July 20, 2023

vault56 protection

vault56 protection protects against potentially malicious attached files and links. Links are rewritten to pass through vault56 URL protection servers and checked for trackers and malicious activity.

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Added June 28, 2023

uBlock Origin

Finally, an efficient blocker. Easy on CPU and memory. uBlock Origin (uBO) is a CPU and memory-efficient wide-spectrum content blocker that blocks ads, trackers, coin miners, popups, annoying anti-blockers, etc. in your feeds.

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Added April 28, 2023

Just Verify It

Just Verify It is a Thunderbird add-on that automates the scanning of email attachments with VirusTotal for malware. With over 50 antivirus engines, it provides reliable and quick results, ensuring the safety of your digital assets.

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Added April 21, 2023

New Bing Anywhere

New Bing isn't just for Edge anymore. Anywhere you want

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Added April 12, 2023

Cypherdog Encryption

Encrypt any file, any text, and share via any medium, any time

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Added Feb. 28, 2023


Modern encryption in Thunderbird - powered by Rust, rage and WebAssembly

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Added Feb. 14, 2023


Data protection extension, to avoid data mishaps with circular mails:

1. warning for e-mail with multiple recipients not in BCC (exceptions possible)
2. warning for roundmails with a different recipient domain
3. warning if PGP key is present

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Added Oct. 19, 2022

PGP Universal

Fixes encrypted e-mail attachment names from PGP Universal servers

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Added Sept. 22, 2022


SmartProxy is a smart automatic proxy switcher that will automatically enable/disable proxy for the sites you visit, based on customizable rules.

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Added Sept. 18, 2022

EagleCloud Extension

Works along with EagleCloud Information Security product to secure sensitive information based on company policy.

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Added Aug. 9, 2022

TUD-CERT Phishing Report

Adds a phishing report button to the toolbar to enable members of Technische Universität Dresden to report suspicious e-mails to TUD-CERT with just a few clicks. If desired, an optional comment can be entered upon each report.

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Added May 5, 2022


Update 2023: This addon will be replaced by "arcus".

Modern encryption in Thunderbird

** Currently in testing phase **
What you can do:
1. Set your secret key and automatically decrypt emails
2. Generate a new key pair
3. Encrypt plain text

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Added April 11, 2022

Zivver for Thunderbird

This extension automatically detects Zivver messages and decrypts them on-the-fly using the Zivver API. Messages are decrypted only when actively displayed by the user and are never stored locally.

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Added April 4, 2022


MailExtension to get password from KeePassXC.

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Added March 24, 2022


AddOn for sending regimail with Thunderbird on Windows, MacOS and Linux.

In order to use this AddOn, you need to install the regify client on your system and configure it with a valid regify account.

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Added March 21, 2022