Modern Theme Green

Modern Theme Green thats easy for the eyes and ported from Firefox for a seemless web experience.

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Added June 24, 2024

Modern Theme

Seemless experience for Firefox & Thunderbird!

The Modern Theme aims for a lightweighted and eye-friendly design. Based on Dark Mode, it uses a contrasty combination of a unique blue-green-turquoise blend combined with sunset orange.

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Added June 19, 2024


My Theme

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Added May 20, 2024

Dark Shadows XT

Dark Shadows XT theme for Thunderbird by Nyquisteroux. Quite dark theme, based on shades of grey colors and optimized for enlarged Thunderbird interface - to see best results, set Density: Relaxed and Font Size: 15px in Thunderbird Options.

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Added May 12, 2024


A Mozilla Thunderbird theme with 3D Objets and transparent design

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Added April 25, 2024


thèmes Goupilmt OS 2024 for thunderbird.

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Added March 19, 2024

Abstract Theme Carole Pepper

An abstract Firefox theme of the charactor Carole Pepper of Honkai Impact 3rd. Inspired by the color of the character's default skin, including the character's skin tone and clothing color. The copyright owner of the charactor Carole is Mihoyo.

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Added Sept. 19, 2023

Dark Wood Bird

Un thème bois sombre avec logo Thunderbird

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Added Sept. 3, 2023

Dark electric violet

Dark and violet theme for Thunderbird by Stonymontana

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Added Aug. 28, 2023

Valorant Red

A Thunderbird theme version with custom 'Valorant'-red CSS

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Added Aug. 16, 2023


Extended Version for Ultrawide Monitors

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Added July 24, 2023

Rose Pine Dawn

A theme based on the Rose Pine Dawn color scheme (https://rosepinetheme.com/)

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Added July 23, 2023


Dark Theme CR style Win11 for New Thunderbird 15.

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Added July 19, 2023

Muted Sage Gruvbox Dark

Muted Sage Gruvbox dark theme for Thunderbird.
Forked from calvinchd's gruvbox dark theme.

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Added May 10, 2023


A faithful port of the original Cobalt2 theme by Wes Bos.

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Added April 5, 2023

Solarized light Theme ternoc

Solarized theme created by ternoc, based on Ethan Schoonover palette.

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Added Nov. 23, 2022

Tokyo Night

A nice dark theme for Thunderbird based on Enkia's Tokyo Night theme for VIsual Studio Code.

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Added July 12, 2022

Clean and Professional

Clean and polished theme for Thunderbird and Firefox.

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Added July 4, 2022


HEKISU1, BY: HEKISU1, Thamyris, Thamyris71.

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Added March 3, 2022

Neopolian's purple and blue blur

A dark theme with a pleasent tab bar background image

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Added Sept. 11, 2021