Airmail Featured

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Japanese Tattoo Featured

Colors and accent adjusted

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Dark Night Arcturus X

Quite dark theme, based on shades of grey colors with blue and orange elements.
If you like this, I encourage you to also try my new theme - Dark Shadows XT.

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Blur (violet, orange, green) Featured

Blur, violet, orange, green.

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Dogs have Owners, Cats have Staff.
~ Unknown Source

gallery gray cuddly cute black kitten feline domesticated animal love furry friend pets animated png animated ears & tail walking paw prints footer whiskers

(") (") SaSSyGirL

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Deep Dark Blue Forest

nature pretty dark fantasy deep surreal beautiful branches trees wood magic goth gothic horror magical scary woods blue black green sky insekts flyes night twilight pretty sad alone spooky

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Windows 10 Style

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colorful mandala by candelora

Theme Designed by <b>candelora ©</b>
Manipulation of Free Image found on Web

grunge,wall,chakras,candelora,firefox,color therap...

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Green Floral

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Cotton Candy Swirl

This is my 3rd Persona. I had created a very vibrant “Star Swirl” one the day before. I decided to follow up with a softer colored one. This one's a good choice for anyone who is unhappy, depressed, or suffering from depression. The colors are pe...

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Clean and Professional

Clean and polished theme for Thunderbird and Firefox.

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Tokyo Night

A nice dark theme for Thunderbird based on Enkia's Tokyo Night theme for VIsual Studio Code.

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Stylus Blue

Stylus Blue Persona, By: Michael E Herndon, Thamyris,Thamyris71

Please visit my deviantart page to get a Matching wallpaper to go with this persona.

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Solarized light Theme ternoc

Solarized theme created by ternoc, based on Ethan Schoonover palette.

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Liquid Gold WebExtension theme

Liquid Gold Theme for Thunderbird. I made it just for my own use. Hope you like it too..

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Grey and Grey

Just Grey

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The legendary 'Firefox Alpenglow' theme now available for Thunderbird.

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Groovy Blue

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Pastel Gradient

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